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Succeed Primary Parent Support Groups

Succeed is a program designed for primary parents who have been successful in working with their Children Services agency to lead support groups for other primary parents who are currently going through a case plan. A primary parent is defined as a parent who has or had an open case with a child welfare program. Since, the establishment of Succeed is based on primary parents taking on the role of leadership of these groups, any facilitator leading a Succeed group is a primary parent.  Support groups are a time that parents can share and learn from other parents that have or have had open cases, build a network of support, discover where to find resources and encourage each other.  Counties offering Succeed Primary Parent Support groups include: Cuyahoga, Stark, Hamilton, Montgomery, Mahoning, Licking, Fairfield, and Summit.


Five Key Areas of Succeed


Hope is at the core of any self help group.  For parents who have had their children removed from their home or are at risk for removal, hope for a better life is a major motivator to become engaged in the support group.


Support from our families and our communities have always been at the core of individual success.


To become an effective parent each of us must feel empowered to be a leader within our own family.

Effective Parenting

Effective parenting includes providing a safe and permanent home for our children. Helping them to have positive self-esteem so that they feel good about themselves and what they can accomplish and helping them feel valued as unique and likable individuals. 


Besides being effective as parents, we also need to be truly caring about our children’s needs and who they are becoming as individuals.

Primary Parent Testimonial

Hamilton County,
Primary Parent

I learned how to stop being overwhelmed. That my children’s feelings are important and hear what my child is saying.

Cuyahoga County

Primary Parent

The topic of parenting helped us talk about our own childhood and the differences in us and our kids and parenting roles. A lot of participant emotions. It was all well received – a true support group.

Richland County

Primary Parent

This group helps me to have faith that I can get my kids back that they are coming home and for me not to give up hope.

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