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One of the primary functions of the Ohio Family Care Association (OFCA) is to advocate on behalf of all families impacted by the child welfare system. This work includes staying connected to what is happening at the state level in the development of laws and rules that have an impact on the children, their families, and the resource families within Ohio.

Our mission in our advocacy work is to speak as a united voice for the children, their families, and the resource families that are often not represented or heard in rule development and legislation. Lived experience being incorporated is vital to having a system that helps all families.

This work involves gaining knowledge in several systems – primarily the child welfare system (Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, Office of Family & Children), the Juvenile Justice and court systems, and the mental health system (Ohio Department of Mental Health). The corresponding children’s service systems of education, developmental disabilities and substance abuse are also on our radar.

Ongoing Projects include:

  • Identifying and Supporting family advocates ready to respond to issues from each part of the state and family experience. These folks serve on committees and speak at conferences on key issues they face as someone with lived experience.

  • Advocate for increased budget funding at the state level. This is a cooperative venture with other state advocacy organizations.

  • Examining how to best include the family voice in all work done for the child welfare system.

Statewide Committees

Statewide committees work to develop strategies for the development, spread, implementation, and evaluation of policies, legislation  and best practices in child protective services


OFCA regularly sends Family Representatives to statewide groups and committees set up.  These groups include:


  • Ohio Grandparent Kinship Coalition (OGKC)

  • Ohio Adoption Planning Group (OAPG) 

  • Ohio Children’s Alliance Foster Care & Adoption Committee

  • Family First Prevention Services Act Leadership and Individual Committees (FFPSA)

  • ODJFS Partners for Ohio’s Families

  • Supreme Court of Ohio Child Abuse & Neglect Committee

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